How to Play Roulette Online

How to Play Roulette Online

What is roulette? Roulette is a game of chance played in a wheel. Players can place a bet on the movement or the appearance of the ball as it spins around the circular wheel. The numbers are combined to provide the highest paying combination. This may be in several variations and there are different ways to play roulette. For example, there is the European version and the American version. In the European version, the numbers are displayed as red and black and there is a separate wheel for the double zero roulette. The American version has the second zero specified. The most common version played in North America is the double zero roulette. Double zero roulette has the numbers displayed as +1 and 0. When the ball lands on any single digit of the combination, the bet is paid at the rate of 2 to 1.

Some casinos offer incentives to play double zero roulette. The most common of these bonuses is the five number bet bonus. This bonus is when the casino offers a five number combination on the table when the results of the first spin are zero or less. If the ball land on any of the five numbers, the player receives the bonus payoff. Five number combinations are paid at the rate of 5 to 1. The bet can be made in single units or in whole units.

When the player first participates to roulette, it may seem intimidating for the dealer to deal. The dealer is not always required to spin the wheel, and a button is rotated to the player. The dealer object is to spin the wheel in a clockwise direction. When the wheel starts to slow down, the dealer will make a proposition bet on the next number to be spun. This bet is placed in the same location on the table as the original bet are placed. The next spin will again start in the same manner.

The proposition bet begins with a small amount to “pay the banker.” This is really a run bet. When the bet is placed, the table then takes a commission, usually 5%, from the bets on both numbers. The first column of numbers is considered low and the next three columns are considered high. When you bet on one of the numbers in the first column, a small amount is put on red, black, even, 1 to 18, 19 to 36. If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you will win even money on your even money bet. With the second bet, a smaller amount is taken. If the ball lands on the third number, a bigger bet is placed on the opposite number.

Players can also bet on four specific numbers or on an odd or even number. When a player bets on more than one number, the chip must be placed in exactly the same location on the table. Chips can be purchased from the cashier after buying your chips. Always be sure to put your money as the amount you want to bet, rather than the amount you need. If you win, you place the doubled amount on the table, if you lose, you lose the chips placed on the table.

After you learn how to play roulette, you can try playing online roulette. Many sites offer online gambling and they offer many different types of online roulette. Breeders Kahn online casino offers roulette online in a fully downloadable program, no download needed. But, the Kahn casino is not the only site that offers great online roulette. There are many sites that offer great graphics and even more ways to play. You can play online roulette for money when you go to sites such as Bwin Poker, All Slots Casino, Diamond doubhun, Europoker, and Party Poker.


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